Here’s All You Need to Know About ‘EarPlay’: The Substitute for Headphones!

What’s worse than forgetting your headphones at home? The boredom that follows you all day long is disgusting without any doubt. But, what if I tell you that you can still listen to your favorite music while you are outdoors even without your headphones? Yes, you heard that right! ID App Studios has made this possible for all the iPhone users.

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ID App Studios has come up with an app called “EarPlay” that plays music through the earpiece! You simply have to download this app and then select a song that is in your iTunes music library. As soon as you hold your phone the way you hold it when you are on a call, the music starts playing through the ear piece. The moment you drift your phone away from your ear, the music stops playing automatically! This app is savage!


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EarPlay’s highlight is a delight to everyone! It uses speech recognition to control the music! Just say ‘NEXT’, ‘PREVIOUS’, ‘SHUFFLE’ or ‘REPLAY’ to control your music!

To know more about ID App Studios and EarPlay, simply click on this link:

Here’s the link to download Earplay App!

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