This Indian Girl is the Upcoming Rap Goddess!

A friend of mine, Shalini Soman, is better known as “The girl who raps”! Girls nowadays seem to have less interest in raps as compared to boys. But, Shalini has proved that girls are no less when it comes to rapping! She has covered various songs by Eminem like Not Afraid, Lose Yourself, etc. Besides this, she is pursuing B.Sc (H) Physics and is a good student academically too! She was born on 16th October 1998. She is from Kerala and was born and brought up in Delhi.

Shalini Soman

Here is what Shalini has to say about herself:

“Well actually I am a classical singer but the interest for rapping came all of a sudden. The thing was I wanted to do something different and rapping touched my heart a lot. Rap means rhythm and poetry and its something very cool. Like, you can express what you feel in poetic way with rhythm and rhymes, which I felt was so interesting. And I started off with Nicki Minaj, I admire her a lot. I never used to tell anyone that I rap but, one day one of my friend tried to rap in front of us. He turned out to be rapping inappropriately. I don’t know what came to my mind but all of a sudden I said I can rap better than you. And that was the first time when I rapped in front of others and guess what? everybody liked it a lot. And there started my journey…”

Here is a glimpse of some of her amazing raps:

Another one!

We hope she grows up to be a great rapper someday! Good wishes to Shalini!

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