Lessons For Living: The Most Important Lessons Of My Life…

Although I’m from a Hindu family, I did my primary schooling from a Christian school named St. Luke’s, in Himachal, and I’m glad that happened. With an environment full of praises of the Lord, beautiful teachings to be a better human being, loving teachers, nuns, and fathers, who wouldn’t have felt a wave of positivity around? Every time I think of that place, I’m filled with beautiful memories and positivity all over again. The mere mention of my primary school causes butterflies in my stomach! ‘Cause I have lived so many beautiful moments there. But most importantly, I have become a good human being.

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I remember having Moral Science as a subject. Every year, we were taught from a book named,’Lessons for Living’. We used to buy a new edition of this book every year according to the standard in which we studied. Moral Science lectures were my favorite for some reason, that I still don’t understand. I feel kindness is addictive, goodness is addictive, humanity is addictive, and moreover, love is addictive. Once you learn to be kind, loving, helping, and caring, you will feel a severe urge to be more of it the next time you get a chance. All the good qualities keep on getting multiplied the more you practice them.

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The book has small little chapters for small little primary school kids. It covered topics like Cheerfulness, Happiness, Helping Others, Kindness, and so many other beautiful topics that embedded humanity in our hearts. I always used to be so excited for my Moral Science lecture and used to be even more excited to apply the learnings in real life!

Let me narrate an incident from my life: Once in our Moral Science class, our teacher taught us a chapter on ‘Sharing’. I was so excited to apply this in real life. On my way back home my mother bought me quarter a Kg of Cake Rusks (Enjoyed by people during tea time in India). Till date I’m so obsessed by cake rusks, so what I did in my childhood on that day, was unexpected for my Mother. Throughout the way back home, I kept on offering Cake Rusks to every known person we met! My mother didn’t say anything to me until we reached home and the paper bag full of cake rusks was now nearly empty. She started scolding me for what I had done, but then, I told my mother about what I had studied at school that day. She was visibly glad to know that I was learning great humanitarian qualities at school and applying them to my life too.

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I would give most of the credit to my school, teachers, and ‘Lessons for living’ for loading me with such qualities that matter so much for a human being to be a ‘human being’ actually. I feel free to give some credit to myself too! ‘Cause the one who is willing to learn, is the one who actually learns, applies, and practices. I will repeat again, ‘Goodness multiplies the more you practice it’.

Every religion teaches love, kindness, and humanity. It just takes the right mindset to absorb all these good qualities from all around you. ‘Cause God is everywhere, hence, goodness lies everywhere!

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May God Bless You All!

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