Reasons Why Dogs Are Angels Sent From Heaven!

Dogs are man’s best friend indeed! They are simply so awwwdorable! They have a positive aura that keeps the environment joyful and positive. They are loaded with love and are always showering their love selflessly upon others. Just give them a pat and there you go! You find a friend for a lifetime! I very well know that I’m not wrong in calling them ‘Angels From Heaven’. They simply deserve it! Here are some of the reasons why dogs are Angels From Heaven:

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1. They comfort you

There comes a situation when you are upset but you are not willing to talk to or face any humans (well, this happens a lot with me). Somehow sitting by your dog and petting them gives you an instant relief and you feel better. They seem to understand that you are not in your ever so happy mood and they comfort you by remaining calm and not playful.

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2. They bring happiness to your life

What’s better than a creature with four paws jumping around the house, playfully and joyously? This adds happiness and cheerfulness not only to the environment around you but also to you.

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3. They protect you

They are extremely loyal and can even lay their lives for the sake of your safety. They have selfless love and devotion towards you and they protect you always, no matter what it takes!

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4. They are a perfect best friend for your Kid!

Kids and dogs are the happiest together! Both share various qualities that strengthen their bond. Both dogs and kids are cheerful, playful, fun loving, and what not? Moreover, you can be carefree when your dog is with your kid. The doggo (my favorite word for dogs) has got your child’s back 😉

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5. They remember all your timings and wait for you to return!

Believe me or not! Dogs do remember your daily arrival and departure timings! And then they sit at the door waiting for you to come and pat them with love and make them have butterflies in their stomach again!

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So, when are you planning on getting a dog? 😀


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