GTB Nagar Is Bound To Leave You Spellbound!

So, I went to the famous ‘Hudson Lane’ in GTB Nagar, New Delhi with a couple of friends to analyze why it is so famous! I have been hearing about this place ever since my friends took admission on North Campus of Delhi University. So, this place is really famous for various food outlets that are situated there. This place is an absolute delight to the students who study in the nearby colleges! People who have not been to GTB Nagar are not unaware of the fact that it’s an amazing place to visit! especially for the food lovers!

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I visited this place a few days back and headed straight towards the ‘Tom Uncle Maggi Point‘. I have heard about this food outlet more than I have heard about any other food spot there! Well, it’s a small shop situated near Ramjas College and serves various types of Maggi and also some other dishes like grilled sandwiches, pasta, hot and cold beverages, etc. But, it is mainly famous for its wide range of Maggi flavors. ‘Double Masala Maggi’ is most loved by everyone, so I had it that day. It was amazing indeed! what is Maggi without its masala? And what’s better than having double masala in your Maggi? The price is Rupees 50 for one person!

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The next place I headed to was, ‘Singh Ching Bistro‘. I had heard a lot about its amazing shakes and desserts so I decided to give it a try. I tried a ‘Brownie Fudge‘ and trust me, it tasted like heaven! Fresh Vanilla ice cream and fresh, hot, crushed brownies were used in the preparation of this amazing fudge! It was topped with chocolate syrup and crunchy nuts, making it even more delicious! It was for just 80 Rupees!

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This positive experience in GTB Nagar has made my mind to visit this place all over again! So that I can explore more amazing dishes to satisfy the foodie inside me! Keep yourself updated with latest blog posts by me on food spots!

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